Angels and Devils

Our Shades of Gray

Photo by Joshua Eckstein on Unsplash

As I ponder into the deep recesses of what makes us human, what I found were several shades of gray, not only fifty but could be less or more.

Looking closely at these shades of gray made me conjecture that it could be bivariate in a profound sense, partitioned into two great characters like hero and villain, or it might be north pole and south pole, positive and negative, good and bad, righteousness and evil, love and lust, contentment and greed, meekness and arrogance, inferiority and superiority complex, a lot of antonyms as we might think of.

But the most pronounced among these opposing forces are the angels and devils. Perhaps hypothetically if not literally, they are at work within us. That’s why we see people in different rhythms. We are sometimes good and sometimes bad, but perhaps not consistent all the time, a somewhat alternate leaning, shifting to either end of the balance.

Maybe it’s on how we train our angels and discipline our own devils. And sometimes it’s our devil that makes the right thing for us or our angel might place us in a devastating condition. Perhaps nothing is dead center definite in our human understanding.

Like a warrior who draws his sword to protect a common good or a preacher who wittingly or unwittingly draws someone towards the pit of destruction.

Such are shades of gray that might either inspire or discourage us on a daily basis, as common as a smile or a frown we may receive or give.

Thank you for gliding over!



My interests are polygamous in nature. Happily married to Mathematics but I still love Reading, Writing, and a lot more that attracts my pondering thoughts.

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